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What video card/monitor combination works best?

Some questions will arise when trying to configure your video card and
monitor size. The most critical area is when you do the install and
answer the questions about the vertical HZ, screen size 14, 15, 17,
21-inch, etc. If you get it wrong you get the squiggles.

First, find your video card manual. Ha! I can here the laughs from across
the world. What manual? If this is the case just select the slowest
vertical HZ. You can always change it later after the system is up
with kdmconfig.

Resolution: be safe and just use 1024x768 or smaller the first time through
the install. Latter, boost it up to 16 million colors and specify a
bigger monitor size.

Screen size should be easy: [\] about that big.

If you don't know the video card type just select the standard vga8 to do
the install. Hopefully when your system boots it displays what video card
you have in it.

A good video card combination such as the ATI and Sony 17sei can allow you
to drive it at 76Hz vertical 1280x1024 on a 17-inch screen.

Hint: Look in the update readme files and at the end in one of the
appendices you'll find a chart of monitors and there scan rates. Usually
good to refer to before you buy the monitor and video card combination.
You could have a very nice high bandwidth monitor and a lousy video card
that can't drive it hard enough. Or visa versa, a good video card that
can drive a high bandwidth but the monitor just can't handle it.

Another Hint: Even though there's no 14-inch monitor on the configuration
menu you can select the 15-inch setting. If the 14-inch monitor has a
good bandwidth it will sync up.

[Modified from Bob Palowoda's Solaris 2.4 x86 FAQ]

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