Why do I get a CPU-bound rpc.ttdbserverd process?

rpc.ttdbserverd is the RPC-based ToolTalk database server. It creates and
manages database files kept in TT_DB directories. See ttdbserverd(1M).

The problem is usually caused by corrupted entries in some TT_DB
directory. The solution is therefore to kill the running
rpc.ttdbserverd, and to completely remove all local TT_DB directories.

rpc.ttdbserverd will be restarted from inetd when it is needed again.
And it will rebuild the TT_DB directories automatically.

By default these TT_DB directories are created in the top directory of
every filesystem, however one can use /etc/tt/partition_map to tell
ttdbserverd where to put them. See partition_map(4) for more details.

A second possible cause is running out of filedescriptors, which can
be fixed by upping the soft limit on the number of filedescriptors
rpc.ttdbserverd starts with.

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