About this FAQ

About this FAQ

  This FAQ is maintained by Vic Metcalfe (vic@acm.org), with lots of
  assistance from Andrew Gierth (andrew@erlenstar.demon.co.uk).  I am
  depending on the true wizards to fill in the details, and correct my
  (no doubt) plentiful mistakes.  The code examples in this FAQ are
  written to be easy to follow and understand.  It is up to the reader
  to make them as efficient as required.  I started this faq because
  after reading comp.unix.programmer for a short time, it became evident
  that a FAQ for sockets was needed.

  The FAQ is available at the following locations:

     Usenet: (Posted on the 21st of each month)
        news.answers, comp.answers, comp.unix.answers,


        http://kipper.york.ac.uk/~vic/sock-faq http://www.ntua.gr/sock-

  Please email me if you would like to correct or clarify an answer.  I
  would also like to hear from you if you would like me to add a
  question to the list.  I may not be able to answer it, but I can add
  it in the hopes that someone else will submit an answer.  Every hour I
  seem to be getting even busier, so if I am slow to respond to your
  email, please be patient.  If more than a week passes you may want to
  send me another one as I often put messages aside for later and then
  forget about them.  I'll have to work on dealing with my mail better,
  but until then feel free to pester me a little bit.