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The tzsetup utility reads a database of time zone information and presents a menu allowing the user to select a specific time zone. The selected time zone is installed as the FBSD operating system’s default time zone. The tzsetup utility also determines whether any adjustment is necessary for systems where the hardware clock does not keep UTC. You only have to do this one time after installing FBSD from scratch.

Type tzsetup on the command line and hit enter and you receive the following.

User Confirmation Requested
Is this machine's CMOS clock set to UTC? If it is set to local time
or you don't know, please choose NO here! >
Yes [ No ]

Select [ Yes ] or [ No ]
according to how the machine's clock is configured and
press Enter.

Select Your Region

Use the arrow keys to highlight your region and then press Enter.


Select Your Country

Use the arrow keys to highlight your country and then press Enter.


Select Your Time Zone

Use the arrow keys to highlight your time zone and then pres Enter.


Does the abbreviation 'EDT' look reasonable?
[ Yes ] No
Confirm the abbreviation for the time zone is correct. If it looks okay,
press Enter.

At completion the Tzsetup utility creates a new file in /etc called localtime.


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