• DVD writing
    By : anonymous ( Mon Jan 16 20:11:29 2006 )

    Hi Guys

    Nice work on this subject but there may be others who, like me want to burn images on DVDs. The 4.7 and the new Dual Layer 8.5. The software for doing this is not easily obtainable - getting a version that handles large files properly (adding UDF for files > 2GB) and ISO images larger than 4.3GB (for the DL 8.5GB disks) is a real pain.

    I found that I could download software that could handle the larger than 4.7GB but the recording software was not happy to write it. SIGH
    So I pushed the iso image across to my MacOS X box and wrote the image to a SONY 800UL drive using Toast 6. What ever works!!!

    email me if you guys solve most of these old problems and I'll have a squiz. ;-)

    Kind Regards
    Chris Thompson
    I used to work for UWS Internet Backbone team. Now I work for
    a defence organisation.

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